Try yummy, high-fibre French toast for a nutritious breakfast.

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25 October 2021Hubert Cormier

There are tons of health advantages to a fibre-rich diet! With Bon Matin Multigrain No Fat, No Sugar Added bread, ambassador Hubert Cormier, PhD in nutrition, has a delightfully decadent way to get more dietary fibre: French toast.

This delicious, balanced breakfast is the ideal boost. You’ll fall in love with the flavours and textures, while the added fibre helps you feel full, controls blood sugar and reduces blood cholesterol.

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Bon Matin
Script/Web capsules – Recipe for cream cheese-stuffed French toast
By Hubert Cormier, Doctor of Nutrition

Hello everyone!

In partnership with Bon Matin, I’m here with you in my kitchen to show you my current favourite recipe: cream cheese-stuffed French toast made with Bon Matin soft multigrain bread. I really love the whole grain flavour and soft texture!

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It’s crazy to think that there are 9 grams of fibre in just two slices of this bread! To have a well-balanced diet, it’s important to eat enough dietary fibre every day. Fibre can help to control blood sugar and lower blood cholesterol levels. It also helps regulate intestinal function, and by slowing digestion, fibre makes you feel more full, which helps control your appetite and weight.

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Just look at that – this French toast recipe alone is a great source of fibre to start your day off right!

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CTA: And for the full recipe, visit the Bon Matin website! [link on screen]

Balanced breakfast recipe for French toast stuffed with cream cheese

Interested in trying it out at home? Click here for the full recipe.