Oats to Counter Cholesterol

Nutrition & Well-Being
03 May 2022Hubert Cormier, PhD in Nutrition

It’s been proven that high levels of LDL-cholesterol (also commonly known as “bad” cholesterol) are a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Even so, nearly 14% of Canadians aged 18 to 79 have unhealthy LDL-cholesterol levels, according to the latest data from Statistics Canada data.1  Maybe oats could help? Let’s find out.

Even though cholesterol is partly affected by the foods you eat, you don’t have to overhaul your diet to lower it. In fact, a few targeted changes might be all you need. For example, eating oats, which are rich in dietary fibre, could help reduce LDL-cholesterol levels.

In Canada, oats are known for their heart health benefits. Health Canada authorized the claim “Oat fibre helps to reduce cholesterol” following a thorough review of scientific data on the subject.

Oat fibre benefits
The dietary fibre contained in oats is different from other cereals. It has a high beta-glucan content. Beta-glucans are a type of soluble fibre that, when ingested, mixes with fluids in the digestive tract and create a gel. Thanks to this characteristic, fibres stick to the walls of the small intestine, which improves the excretion of bile acids and cholesterol.2

Other mechanisms were also studied recently, particularly their effects on intestinal microbiota. Eating oats could change the composition of the microbiota, which could become a major metabolism regulator for cholesterol while proving that food quality has beneficial effects on health.

As tasty as it is nutritious, Bon Matin® La mie de l’artisan™ is perfect for filling up on oat fibre! In fact, one serving of two slices (80 g) provides 35% of your daily fibre intake, which helps reduce cholesterol. Toasted or not, this nutritious bread is ideal for meals or even as a snack.

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