Bon Matin bread, always part of a balanced diet

Nutrition & Well-Being
25 October 2021Bon Matin Team

The road to good health begins with small steps. By making the right choices every day, you’ll see physical and mental improvements over time. When it comes to healthy choices, it all starts with balanced nutrition. Bon Matin has a selection of whole grain breads that balance nutrition and flavour.

Did you know that Bon Matin has three new whole grain breads available in most Quebec grocery stores?

Introducing three new breads from Bon Matin. As an added bonus, Dr. Hubert nutritionist and Bon Matin ambassador, has some tips and tricks to turn ordinary sandwiches into something extraordinary and good for you!

Bon Matin Bread Protein Loaf with No Fat and No Added Sugars

What if we came up with a no-fat, no-added-sugar protein loaf with 14g of plant-based protein per two-slice serving? That’s exactly what Bon Matin has done.

This vegan protein loaf is packed with goodness - a blend of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and brown flax seeds. This soft and crunchy loaf is loaded with protein to help build and repair body tissue.

Hubert’s tip : try a variety of proteins

“The classic egg sandwich is a staple. Add crumbled or silky tofu for more plant-based protein - you’ll be surprised! Crush canned legumes coarsely with a fork or potato masher, toss them in a creamy dressing. It’s a great egg substitute for a 100% vegan sandwich.”

Bon Matin 100% Whole Wheat No Fat No Added Sugar Bread

Fact: you can never have too much whole wheat. This is why Bon Matin has revamped the packaging for their 100% Whole Wheat bread, from 400g to 600g. An extra 200g packs a punch! And it still has 4g of fibre and 50g of whole grains per 2-slice serving.

Hubert’s tip : add more fruits and vegetables

“Try replacing more traditional vegetables with options like grated beetroot, radish slices, pickled red onions, cucumber ribbons and thin carrot or daikon sticks. Get creative with fruit! Strawberry slices, figs, heirloom tomatoes, mangoes, apples or pears will lend a touch of sweetness that balances the flavours beautifully.”

Bon Matin Multigrain Soft Bread

Multigrain bread is part of the whole grain family, combining the flavours of whole grains with flawless chewy texture. High in fibre, with 9g and 44g of whole grain per 2-slice serving

Hubert’s tip : watch out for those sauces!

“Sauces can make a sandwich much less nutritious. They tend to be fatty and high in sodium. Focus on quality and flavour, with interesting products like hummus - traditional or spicy, for example beetroot hummus - guacamole, tzatziki, a bit of salsa or homemade mayonnaise with herbs, fine herbs or a dash of curry powder! ”