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11 October 2021Hubert Cormier

Bon Matin Protein loaf is an excellent source of plant-based protein for a balanced diet. Nutritionist Hubert Cormier says this no-fat, no-sugar-added bread is a perfect complement to healthy, savoury recipes.

Protein Loaf adds valuable plant protein to your meals with 14g of plant protein per 2-slice serving. A simple sandwich becomes a nutritious, filling meal!

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Bon Matin
Script/Web capsules – Margherita Sandwich
By Hubert Cormier, Doctor of Nutrition

Hello everyone!

In partnership with Bon Matin, I’m pleased to have you with me in my kitchen to show you how to easily balance your diet.

For the bread, today I’m using Bon Matin’s new protein loaf with no fat and no added sugar.

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Did you know there are 14 g of vegetable protein in a two-slice portion? I include it in my recipes as often as I can, especially when there are few or no other sources of protein! It’s an excellent addition that helps you easily make a balanced meal, like this delicious Margherita sandwich, inspired by the famous pizza of the same name. And with the protein from Bon Matin’s new bread and the fresh mozzarella, our lunch meets our protein requirements.

Canada’s Food Guide actually recommends that we eat more plant-based proteins. And Bon Matin’s new bread is a vegan option made with wheat- and pea-based proteins.

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CTA: For the full recipe, visit the Bon Matin website! [link on screen]

Protein margherita sandwich recipe

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